SANGIOVESE RESET - Tuesday 3 March 2020

Sangiovese is Italy’s most planted red grape by far. This very fact, however, tends to obscure that it is also one of Italy’s - and the world’s - best varieties, capable of producing compelling, long lasting wines full of personality. Not only that: except for Pinot Noir, this noble grape is able like no other to convey a clear message of origin and originality right into the glass. It is as fickle as Pinot Noir too: this primadonna does not respond well to anything less than the best sites and low yields, whilst in the cellar it demands a hands-off, low-intervention approach to show its greatness.

In the recent past Sangiovese has not been given an exclusive lead role to show its greatness sufficiently. Moreover, blends with French varieties and new oak have obscured its identity. Over the last 10 years or so a renewed, strong focus on 100% Sangiovese has led to wines which can measure convincingly with the best in the world today.

A first for this variety, 'Sangiovese Reset' brings together producers from a wide number of contrasting regions of Italy where Sangiovese is grown and will illustrate how this widely planted grape performs in different climates and soil types with varying viticultural management systems.  Add to those variations, the myriad cellar options in winemaking and the diversity is astonishing. 

Tuesday 3 March 2020
11.00 – 18.00 hrs
Lindley Hall, Royal Horticultural Halls
Elverton Street